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Valentine’s Day is one those holidays where it’s so much fun to decorate, craft, and bake. This year, I’ve decided to make Valentine’s Day Cupcakes. These are soft, fluffy, and so much fun to make.

I think this holiday is one that you are really into and go all out or you don’t give it a second thought. Speaking of a second thought, I really messed up posting this. I really should have posted this a week or two ago BEFORE Valentine’s Day. Oh well. Better late than never. Actually, you could look at it as I’m late or I’m actually 359 days early for Valentine’s Day 2023. 🙂

When my kids were little, I always enjoyed helping them make Valentine’s cards for their friends. I remember them coming home with a class list of names to follow. How cute! I miss that.

But just because those days are gone, and they are older now doesn’t mean we can’t still find ways to have a little fun. 🙂 I was undecided between baking a heart shaped cake or making cupcakes this year. I do like the idea of cupcakes being so individual and portable, so cupcakes it is. Plus, they are kind of fun to make. 😉

Here’s what you need to make them.



  • Store bought cake mix (any brand, any flavor)
  • All the ingredients that the cake mix requires (such as oil, eggs, water, etc)
  • Cupcake liners or cooking spray


  • 1 lb of powdered/confectioner sugar
  • 1 cup softened butter (salted or unsalted)
  • 2-3 teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • 1-2 tablespoons of milk

How to make the cupcakes:

Step one:

Prep! Gather and measure out all your ingredients.

Step two:

Prepare the cupcake batter following the box cake mix instructions.

Step three:

Place cupcake liners into your muffin pan.

Step four:

Pour cupcake batter into liners.

Step five:

Bake according to cake mix box instructions.

**Ignore the squished cupcake on the bottom row. I tried to make a heart shape, but it was a fail. 😉

Step six:

Prepare your icing.

Step seven:

Once cupcakes have completely cooled, frost them. Be creative. 🙂

You can really do what you want with these Valentine’s Day Cupcakes. I used a strawberry cake mix but you can certainly use any flavor you’d like. As far as icing, well, I found the BEST buttercream icing recipe ever. Here is a link. I’m not kidding. It is amazing! Just the perfect taste and consistency. I used that recipe for my icing and then got creative. I was planning to make hearts on my cupcakes but that quickly changed into flowers. I took half of the icing and colored it pink with food coloring.

Give these a try. You can make these any time of the year and just change them up.

What did you make for Valentine’s Day?

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